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Youth work in Veteli municipality

4H association in Veteli hosts 2 volunteers to work with local children and young people


Available places and duration:

2 volunteers up to 300 days


Spring 2021 or as agreed


Volunteers tasks are related to all the work done in the club: the volunteer is involved organizing club activities, courses, camps, and events. 4H clubs help children and young people develop a wide range of skills and knowledge. The training and courses offered by 4H are still based on these competencies. Activities help children as active citizens, entrepreneurs, and workers. Typical tasks may include assisting children’s and youth clubs, planning and directing courses and events, such as nature walks, pet clubs, cooking clubs, swimming courses etc.

Working time and holidays:

The weekly working hours of the volunteers are 35 hours. Work is usually done Monday through Friday in the morning or evening shift, but there can also be work on weekends. The volunteer has two days off / month.

Practical arrangements:

The volunteers live in an apartment rented to them near the centre of Veteli. Volunteers get lunch on weekdays and are paid food allowance so they can prepare for yourself other meals of the day. Volunteers are offered a bicycle for local transport, and for longer work trips volunteer receives a bus ticket or travels with co-workers. Volunteers can study Finnish with the help of a private teacher, a language course or independently.

The volunteer participates in on-arrival training and a mid-term meeting organized by Finnish National Agency. During the project, the volunteer meets with the mentor at agreed intervals to discuss the progress of the project and the challenges and successes of the volunteer

Training and support:

All volunteers participate in a 6-day on arrival training currently organised at Youth Centre Villa Elba in Kokkola. Trainings are organised 4 times / year and volunteers participate in first possible training. Volunteers staying over 6 months also participates in a 3-day mid-term meeting, currently organised in Helsinki.

Each volunteer has a personal mentor that helps with settling into the new community, supports in difficult times and meets you regularly to discuss and reflect your learning successes and challenges