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Youth work in Veteli and Halsua

Volunteering in Veteli and Halsua, helping 4H associations on renovation projects


Available places and duration:

6 volunteers for 3 months


Spring 2021 or as agreed


Volunteers work in Veteli and Halsua and help 4H associations on various renovation projects. Volunteers help for an example, to build a fence round a museum area, help in maintenance of nature trails. Work is done together with local young people.

Working hours and holidays:

Weekly working hours are 35 hours. Mostly work is done from Monday to Friday in morning or evening shift, but work can also occur in weekends. Volunteer receives 2 holidays/ month.

Housing, food, and local transport:

Volunteers live together in a flat. Volunteers get lunch during workdays and food money to prepare other meals of the day.  For local transport volunteers get bikes.

Language training:

The volunteer has the possibility to study Finnish by taking part in a language course by online courses or with a private teacher.

Training and support:

All volunteers participate in a 6-day on arrival training currently organised at Youth Centre Villa Elba in Kokkola. Trainings are organised 4 times / year and volunteers participate in first possible training.

Each volunteer has a personal mentor that helps with settling into the new community, supports in difficult times and meets you regularly to discuss and reflect your learning successes and challenges.

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