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Youth work in Pedersöre

Pedersöre is a bilingual (Swedish and Finnish) municipality located in Ostrobothnia. The municipality has a population of approx. 11000. The municipality consists of many villages and administrative center is located in Bennäs. There you will find the municipal courtyard, the main library, the culture house Ax and the social and health services.


Available places and duration:

1 volunteer for up 10-12 months


August 2022 or as agreed


The volunteer work in the Culture and Leisure Department, helping the staff to organize activities and events for young people in the area. Concrete tasks can for an example be:

  • Help with organising sport clubs
  • Leading afternoon clubs
  • Thematic workshops at schools

Working hours and holidays:

Weekly working hours are 35 hours. Mostly work is done from Monday to Friday in morning or evening shift, but work can also occur in weekends. Volunteer receives 2 holidays/ month.

Housing, food, and local transport:

Volunteer lives in a flat in nearby town, Jakobstad, together with another volunteer . Volunteers get lunch during workdays and food money to prepare other meals of the day. For local transport volunteers get a bike, work trips are done with bus or with colleagues.

Language training:

The volunteer has the possibility to study Swedish by taking part in a language course organised by the local institute, by online courses or with a private teacher.

Training and support:

All volunteers participate in a 6-day on arrival training currently organised at Youth Centre Villa Elba in Kokkola. Trainings are organised 4 times / year and volunteers participate in first possible training. Volunteers staying over 6 months also participates in a 3-day mid-term meeting, currently organised in Helsinki.

Each volunteer has a personal mentor that helps with settling into the new community, supports in difficult times and meets you regularly to discuss and reflect your learning successes and challenges.

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