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Youth exchange and camps

Villa Elba supports and guides youth groups to implement youth exchanges that are funded through the Erasmus + Youth in Action program. Youth participating in exchanges design and implement a meeting based on their own ideas.

Woman holding a map in her handsThe theme of the meeting can be any topic of interest: music, culture, human rights, environmental issues or sports. During the Youth Exchange, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on issues related to the theme in a multicultural atmosphere. Youth exchanges usually have English as a common language, so their language skills are also often improved.

Youth exchanges are organized both in Finland and across Europe. Through our extensive networks, we can easily find suitable partners for youth exchanges with Finnish groups.

It is possible to participate in international camps through Villa Elba. Themes vary from culture to sport and the environment. Camps are a great way to get in touch with international activities! Camps are organized by our experienced partners across Europe. We have been cooperating with our partners for years and have identified them as knowledgeable and reliable camp organizers, so participating is a safe and a supported way to explore Europe.