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Youth, sports and culture office of Ranua is a governmental, non- profit unit, which works under the Municipality of Ranua. The youth and sports office is responsible of the local youth club, music facilities, camping site, exercising areas, camping Centre and youth workshop among many other places and events. Working together with the local organisations, schools, projects and local authorities, youth and sports unit is strongly concentrating on international issues and European dimension. The office has a very a wide range of tasks. It provides activities and events for the youth and at the same time develops new projects to enliven the variety of choices.

Hosting one volunteer autumn 2019

Proposed activities:

The Ranua Youth, Sport and Culture office offer vide range of activities. The volunteer will work mainly with youth activities in the youth house, but there will be also activities with local schools, and youth- & sport associations. The volunteer take part in the everyday work tasks: In the youth house play games and organize clubs, activities and event together with visitors. In schools the volunteer can make presentations in different lessons, help the schools to organize field visits etc.
The main goals of youth, sport and culture office of Ranua are to improve young peoples’ living conditions, health, international activities and to improve avocation, culture and free time activities. One of the Youth, Sport and Culture office aims is also the prevention of youth’s smoking and usage of alcohol and drugs. This work includes close contacts with local schools and youth organisations. All the activities of the office are aiming for drug free life. There is also possibilities to participate in photography projects.

Profile of the volunteer:

We are looking for a social, open-minded, motivated and active young people. The volunteer should also have a sense for initiative and be able to live independently.

Practical arrangements:

The volunteer live in a student house, with own room and share kitchen and bathroom with others. The volunteer get a lunch at working days, and food money 120€ / month for other meals.