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The Youth Department of Lapua Town is a local authority and our aims are to assist the youth and develop youth conditions. We are liaising with Youth Associations. We work with the Youth House management. We are responsible for the maintenance of leisure places and camps. We organise free time activities, do consultations and work with international relations. The main group we work with is youth between 8 – 16 years, for international matters youth over 16 years.
One of the Youth office aims is also prevention of youth’s smoking and usage of alcohol and drugs. This work includes close contacts with local schools and youth organisations. The implementation of the purpose is based on communality, solidarity, equity and equality, multiculturalism and internationalism, healthy life styles, and respect of life and the environment.

Hosting 1 volunteer from autumn 2019

Proposed activities:

The aim of the project is to bring internationality for Lapua youth and youth work. This will exist by giving a chance for Lapua youth to meet a young person from other culture. The volunteer will also be a good representative of a young person who has taken his/her chance to visit other country and to learn about other culture and language. One of the aims is to courage and motivate young people to use their possibilities to take part in international activities and study languages.
Previous volunteers have been working mainly in Youth Department but also assisting in local kindergarten, visit in language lesson in schools, visit in global education activities, doing projects in swimming pool-, culture office, 4H- club, done different brochures and videos. We can offer many interesting activities and use volunteers own strengths and talents in the project in the future. This is the best way to have more promotion for EVS program in our town and region.

Profile of the volunteer:

We are looking for a social, open-minded, motivated and active young person. The volunteer should have a sense for initiative and be able to live independently. Volunteer should be interested to work with children and young people.

Practical arrangements:

The volunteer will live in a host family (having own room) or at a student home. The volunteer will have breakfast and supper in host family or s/he can make it him/herself, in which case the volunteer will be given an account to a local grocery store, which s/he can use to buy food. Lunch will be served at the local school or the volunteer will be given food vouchers by the organization to dine elsewhere. Dinner will be served either in family or in work placement or the volunteer will be preparing it him/herself.