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Youth department of Kaskinen is part of Kaskinen town structure. They aim is to provide Youth and Sport services for young people. By to Youth work Act of Finland municipalities have to serve all children and young people from 0 to 29 years old. The youth department maintains the youth house for children and youngsters. It is a place where young people can play different games, look videos, listen music and play billiard. There is also rehearsal rooms for bands. Further tasks to the youth department are after-school clubs and –activities and close co-operation with the local secondary school and kindergarten.

Hosting two volunteers for 12 months from August 2019

Proposed activities:

The basic workplace is the youth house and youth office at school. The visits in schools will be a part of the volunteers’ work, however, up to now this was rather an eventual task. The right volunteer might be able to develop this cooperation. It is also possible that the volunteer helps in the language-lessons in the schools if the language skills match with the schedule and the level of the schools (this could be several lessons per week). There is also the possibility that the volunteer teaches his/her language(s) in an own course in the youth house.

Volunteer’s normal tasks are working with young people in Youth Activity Center, organizing evening happenings for young people in local surrounding villages. Visit in schools, afterschool club for children. The week schedule changes between school, youth center and with other happenings. Sometimes the volunteer may have to work on weekends, holidays: eastern holiday, Christmas holiday, summer holiday.
Profile of the volunteer:

The volunteer is wished to be motivated to meet new people and work together with young people and children. Previous experience in working with youngsters and children is regarded as a benefit. Kaskinen is small town surrounded by countryside. We wish that volunteer have flexibility for living in the small community in the countryside. It would be great help for integration if young person is interested of sports and outdoor activities. We would like him/her to have basic knowledge English

Practical arrangements:

The board and lodging is arranged in a local family that is especially interested in hosting an international volunteer at their home. The volunteer is treated as a family member with same rights and responsibilities as other family members. The volunteer has an own room. During workdays, the volunteer get lunch in the local school. The volunteer get 50 €/ month food allowance to cover meals when for an example travelling.