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Summer of success! 5.7 – 4.8.2020

(Currently waiting more information of the opening of the covid-19 restrictions)

During the project, 12 volunteers from Finland and various European countries will carry out a summer camps that is open to local and refugee children. Children can spend time together at the summer camps doing traditional summer camp activities such as playing, singing, swimming and dancing, etc.

Volunteers participate first in a 5 day on-arrival training, and after that they plan and prepare the workshops together with their work supervisor.

Camp program consist of traditional activities that promote togetherness and nice atmosphere. The camp is easy and simple way to bring together children from different cultures. Though games and activities it is easier for the children to get to know each other. These shared experiences often lead to long lasting friendships.

Volunteers bring added value to the camp by developing activities, games and songs from their own cultures. People from many different countries live in Finland so by working together children get to experience different cultures in a safe environment.