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Adventure education is one of the key points in the programs at Villa Elba. Adventure education means experiencing something exiting and unpredictable, often outdoors in nature, that gives a feeling of success and growth. At Villa Elba, we focus especially on the physical and mental safety in our adventure programs.

Read more about adventure education in Finland: Adventure education | Suomen nuorisokeskusyhdistys (

We coordinate the Regional network for adventure education in Western and Inner Finland. Are you an adventure educator in this area? Welcome to our network! We meet a couple times a year to discuss our experiences and ideas about adventure education.

Join our Facebook group (mostly in Finnish and Swedish): Länsi- ja Keski-Suomen Alueellinen Seikkailukasvatusverkosto | Groups | Facebook

Contact person for the network:

Markku Hukari

tfn. 0500 928 097