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Project friendship!  1-20.3.2020

During Project Friendship! volunteers organize workshops about friendship in our area in schools, in workshops for unemployed persons and elderly service center. The project aims to prevent loneliness by providing people with the opportunity to develop their friendship and interaction skills.

Volunteers participate first in a 5 day on-arrival training, and after that they plan and prepare the workshops together with their work supervisor.

A project on friendship and interaction skills helps people develop their own friendship and interaction skills and can motivate them to contribute to preventing loneliness.


Profile of participants:
The participants can be young people aged 18-30 years seeking new possibilities to their lives. We welcome also young people with fewer opportunities: youngsters can for an example be unemployed, face educational, economic or social challenges or have low language skills.

Volunteers should be interested in working with people of different ages. There is no need of previous experiences, just the interest to try volunteering and learn more is enough!