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Pedersöre is a bilingual municipality with Swedish as its main language. The municipality located in Ostrobothnia borders in the north to Larsmo, Nykarleby, Jakobstad and Kronoby. The southern part of the municipality is neighboring municipalities Kauhava and Evijärvi. The municipality’s total area is 823 km2. Youth work is an important part of the municipality’s areas of responsibility for the population consisting of very many under the age of 30. The municipality has many villages where the associations have their own youth houses. Youth department supports youth associations. Together we organize activities for children and young people. The school sector is an important partner. The youth workers works closely with schools. The youth agency’s staff consists of 2 persons a` 50%. We have hourly paid and volunteer associations. We also have youth clubs guided by part time workers and volunteers.

Hosting 1 volunteer from August 2022 or as agreed

Practical arrangements

The board and lodging will be arranged in a local family/school area or in rented flat with other volunteers. During workdays the volunteer will get lunch in the working place. During weekends and vacation days the volunteer will be paid a small amount of money to arrange dining. Youth Services will arrange bus tickets for the volunteer to use to come to work. And also, if needed, the workers offer a lift.

Profile of the volunteer

We are looking for a social, open-minded, motivated and active young person. The volunteer should also have sense for initiative and be able to take contact with different kinds of kids and youngsters. The volunteer is asked to show their criminal records before starting to work. While we have an open place for new volunteer, we check the applications and the young candidates interested in our projects, ask some more questions concerning for example motivations and then choose the most suitable person for our work team, for the tasks and region.

Proposed activities

The volunteer will be helping the staff at youth houses. Normal tasks are working with young people in youth club, visit in schools, taking part of young peoples free time activities and education. At the youth houses the volunteer will take part in all the daily tasks, and be there for the children and young people, help them with different things, organize happenings, events, courses etc.

By working together with Finns in a Swedish speaking environment the volunteer gets to know Finnish- Swedish lifestyle and culture very well. We wish the volunteer to be open-minded, active and self-imposed. The volunteer needs to take contact to kids and youngster and be able to understand their behavior and different backgrounds. No physical demands, just the volunteer will work in several places.