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Our common path

In this project the volunteers work in cooperation with students to renovate nature trails in rural areas in Central Ostrobothnia


Available places and duration:

10 volunteers for 6 weeks

Project dates:

15.8 – 25.9.2021

Application deadline



The work is physical work including cutting bushes, measuring and cutting timber, and constructing the path using different tools, creating signs for the paths. painting etc.

During the project, volunteer for example learns to:

  • Design outdoor trekking routes and areas together with experts in the field
  • Build and refurbish various types of outdoor routes and areas according to the plans given
  • Build hiking trails for the needs of different users
  • Use the most common tools used to produce route structures
  • Use personal protective equipment, take into account occupational safety and maintain work ability
  • Promote sustainable development practice

Working hours and holidays:

Weekly working hours are 35 hours. Mostly work is done from Monday to Friday in morning or evening shift, but work might occur also in weekends. Volunteer receives 2 holidays which are held as scheduled by the hosting organisation.

Housing, food, and local transport:

Volunteers live together in a flat. Volunteers get lunch during workdays and food money to prepare other meals of the day.  For local transport volunteers get bikes.

Training and support:

Volunteers participate in a 5-day on arrival training organised at Youth Centre Villa Elba in Kokkola. Volunteers have a mentor that helps with settling into the new community, supports in difficult times and meets regularly to discuss and reflect learning successes and challenges.