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Villa Elba is a popular meeting place for companies and associations. The beautiful location, about four kilometers from the bustle of the city, makes it a good and peaceful meeting place.

Enjoy an inspiring meeting in Villa Elba!

A refreshing meeting!

  • New energy for meetings – are you someone who falls  asleep towards the end of a meeting?
  • Smoothie’s bring stimulus for the day and it keeps the senses alert until the end! If you want, we will replace the afternoon coffee with a smoothie, the price will stay the same!

Choose from these flavours:

  • Green smoothie = baby spinach, avocado, mint, lemon balm, lettuce (ice / romaine / oak leaves), apple (Granny Smith), pinch of salt, lime / lemon juice, apple juice.
  • Coconut fruit smoothie = pineapple, mango, banana, coconut milk, lime / lemon juice.
  • Fruit smoothie = pineapple, kiwi, banana, tropical fruit blend, fruit juice, honey.


  • Café Elba can bring you lunch or a snack to the meeting room or you can enjoy our buffet style lunch in the main building.
  • Lunch is served during weekdays from 11:00 to 13:00.
  • Lunch 11,90 € / person
  • Coffee and a snack 6,90 € / person
  • Coffee with something sweet 5.90 € / person
  • Saturday + 20%, weekends + 50%.

Meeting Rooms

  • All our meeting rooms have modern AV equipment, a screen, a laptop, a flipchart and the Elba hall has an mixing table for sound.

Vanha VillaOld Villa

  • The delightful old villa is now used for meetings, parties and overnight stays. It can accommodate 25-30 people. There is plenty of room for group work

Elba Hall

  • Ideal for large groups but also suitable for festive occasions.
  • The hall can be modified as needed.

Elba’s “jewel”

  • Suitable for a smaller meeting. Number of people approx. 20-25. There is also a sauna.

Nature School’s Meeting Room

  • It can accommodate up to 40 people. The ideal is 30-35. It has often been used for celebrations such as birthdays, children’s parties and memorials.

The beach cottage

  • Cozy, a bit more relaxed meeting space, from May to September, for about 20 people. Snacks and coffee can be brought (morning and afternoon coffee). Lunch in the main house.

We also have a few smaller spaces for meeting for small groups


For more information:

Villa Elba tel. 050 329 4547 or sales.elba (at)

You can also combine a wellness- day with you meeting, ask more!