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Magic forest of trolls! 2-31.8.2020

This project gathers 10 young people from different European countries to design and build up a fairytale path for children in the forest close to Villa Elba.

The path bases on myths and legends we have about trolls in Finland mixed with stories from other countries as well.

Volunteers participate first in a 5 day on-arrival training, and after that they plan and prepare the troll path together with their work supervisor.

The work includes creating the trolls from different nature materials, sewing clothes for them, creating stories and activities around trolls. The work is done partly inside, but also outside in the forest, and volunteers should be prepared to work outdoors in all kind of weather.

Besides the work the group will do cultural visits, learn house holding tasks and to live together in a multicultural environment.

The volunteers will be encouraged to try different kind of activities (sport, culture etc.) on their free time. The volunteers will be responsible for taking care of the house where they live and to prepare their daily meals expect lunch.