Youth department of Ranua is part of the town’s structure. They aim is to provide Youth and Sport services for young people.  Municipalities have to serve all children and young people from 0 to 29 years old. The youth department maintains the youth house for children and youngsters. It is a place where young people can play different games, look videos, listen to music . Further tasks to the youth department are after-school clubs and –activities and close co-operation with the local secondary school and kindergarten.

Hosting one volunteer September 2020

Proposed activities:

The work tasks are for example working at a local youth centre, organizing events (sports, culture) with the personnel, reporting, photographing, updating webpages and writing a blog once a week. The volunteer can also visit local schools and kindergartens and tell about their work and about their own country and culture. The volunteer participates in organizing events, trips and camps. They can also work at a workshop for unemployed young people. The volunteer also helps in daily tasks such as office work, maintaining gear etc.

Profile of the volunteer:

We are looking for a social, open-minded, motivated and active young person. The volunteer should have a sense for initiative and be able to live independently.

Practical arrangements:

The volunteer will be staying at the adult education institutes dormitory, they will have their own room but shared bathroom and kitchen.