4H in Finland arranges leisure activities for children and young people between ages 6 and 28. Six-year-olds easily find new interests in the 4H club, where children learn new skills together under the guidance of a club leader. We encourage young people aged 13 and older to start their own projects. We also teach them skills that will be useful in working life, give them the opportunity to get their first work experience and support their first steps as entrepreneurs.
4H is an international organisation through which young people can learn about the world for themselves, by taking part in an exchange programme or attending our international events and courses.

Hosting one volunteer from May 2019

Proposed activities:

4H in Halsua, Veteli and Kaustinen commonly host an EVS volunteer to work with our activities: clubs, courses, camps, happenings for children and young people. In the 4H organisation, children and adolescents grow to become responsible and enterprising adults. The activities take into account the different stages of children’s development, focusing on learning by doing.
The 4H Club instils practical skills and knowledge with the help of professional instructors. Training and courses provided by 4H further build on these competencies. The activities help children become active citizens, entrepreneurs and employees.

Profile of the volunteer:
The volunteer is wished to be motivated to meet new people and work together with young people and children. Previous experience in working with youngsters, children and folk music is regarded as a benefit. We would like him/her to have a basic knowledge on English.

Practical arrangements:

Volunteers will be living in the student house with students of the high school. The volunteer will have own room and share kitchen and bathroom with other students.
The host organisation will arrange for the volunteer to eat at a canteen or in a host family or will give them money to buy their own food and ensure they have access to facilities to prepare it. The volunteer will have breakfast and supper at the student house and lunch/dinner at the school.