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Project Friendship is a volunteering team project that gathers 10 persons from around Europe to Kokkola.

During the project volunteers organize workshops about friendship in the local schools, for unemployed persons and in elderly service centers. The project aims to prevent loneliness by providing people with the opportunity to develop their friendship and interaction skills.







First week of the project will be on-arrival training in Youth Centre Villa Elba. The aim of the training is to get to know the other participants and develop understanding for European Solidarity Corps. We will also tell about the aim of the project, intercultural learning and about volunteer’s rights and responsibilities.

There will be Finnish language lessons to learn basic words and sentences After the on-arrival training volunteers plan and prepare the workshops together with their work supervisor.

The workshops deal with issues such as friendship and interactions skills. Together with the people the volunteers meet they reflect on what is a good friend, how to maintain friendships, and how to make friendships.

This project will help Villa Elba in receiving information and experiences about the subject. That information and those experiences will be used in generating new methods on how to develop friendship and interaction skills in workshops that will be offered in the future for schools, camps, and in social youth work.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please send us your CV and motivational letter with the title; project friendship






Profile of participants:
The participants can be young people aged 18-30 years seeking new possibilities to their lives. We welcome also young people with fewer opportunities: youngsters can for an example be unemployed, face educational, economic or social challenges or have low language skills.

Volunteers should be interested in working with people of different ages. There is no need of previous experiences, just the interest to try volunteering and learn more is enough

Contact details:                                                                                                                                             

Kati Paasila

+358 44 532 5160


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