This project aims to help small communities in Finland to get positive experiences from other cultures, and the ESC program is a great tool for this.
The receiving organisations varies from youth houses, schools, and kindergartens to youth- and hobby associations. During the projects, the volunteers work with the everyday tasks of the receiving organisations as a part of the working community. Each hosting project with its’ specific tasks are listed later in this letter.

As the strategic input in this project, we create with the help of the volunteers International Club activities in rural areas. The idea is to make internationalization a part of everyday life for young people as well as youth work in municipalities and organizations. We also want to ensure that young people in rural areas have an equal opportunity to internationalize and support young people’s independence, social responsibility and life management by providing information, counseling and counseling.
We are looking for persons who want to develop their own skills through international activities, improve their language skills and develop their leadership and interaction skills. They are interested in youth, education or social affairs and want to be acquainted with the field before they are studying or perhaps graduated already in the field and in need of work experience to improve their employability.

Strategic ESC project has the same financial rules as normal ESC projects: Travel costs are compensated according to distance and pocket money is 4 € / day. We pay sending organisations 30 € / month for sending costs.


If you are interested in sending volunteers, please contact:
Youth Centre Villa Elba:
Kati Paasila
tel: +358 44 53251 60