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Elf start  

Project time:                                            



Culture and environment

Available places:                       



Kokkola, Finland

Volunteers tasks:   

During  the  project,  the volunteers  help  to  prepare  Villa  Elba’s Christmas  project  by  collecting  nature materials and  build  elf’s  for decorations  around  Villa  Elba  area. The  work  is  very  concrete:  to  cut  branches  to prepare  the  elfs,  clean  the  routes  in  the  forest before  the  snow  comes,  check that the  lanterns and christmas lights are functioning,  painting work  and  building  materials.

Accommodation and food:     

Accommodation is organised in Youth Centre Villa Elba in beautiful summer house Villa Marina by the sea. It is a simple house with no modern comforts: there are not indoor toilets,  no indoor shower or running water in the house. Water is available from the well outside and there is an outdoor shower and sauna tent.  House is heated with the help of the fireplace and electric radiators. Therefore, it requires patience and flexibility, as volunteers must adapt to a modest living environment. On the other hand, the Villa has a beautiful environment and offers participants a unique chance to try out traditional Finnish summer cottage lifestyle.  

Lunch is served during working days and volunteers get food money to prepare the other meals themselves.

Working hours:                         

approx. 35 hours /week. Working days are usually from Monday to Friday between 8-16, but sometimes working time can be in evenings or weekends.

Pocket money:                          

5 € / day. Pocket money is paid in cash twice during the project.

Travel costs:                               

Reimbursement according to distance

Why to participate:                  

Volunteering activities helps you to broaden your picture the world and gives you chance to develope your multicultural skills.  You improve your language skills and gain more confidence to act in different situations. By participating in the project, you develop many skills related to working life, teamwork and living abroad.

How and when to apply?

Send your CV and motivation letter to

Application deadline: 31.5.2023  

What happens then?

If we think you could be the volunteer we look for, we will contact you and agree a time for an interview. During the interview we discuss more about the project and your motivation to participate. If you do not hear from within 10 days of sending your application, we unfortenately can not offer you a place this this time.