Elf start! 13.9-4.10.2020

During Elf start project, the volunteers help to prepare Villa Elba’s Christmas project by collecting nature materials and build elf’s for decorations around Villa Elba area.

Volunteers participate first in a 5 day on-arrival training, and after that they start the work together with their work supervisor.

After the on-arrival, training volunteers will start with practical work to help to build up the Elf path. The work is very concrete: to cut branches to prepare the elfs, clean the routes in the forest before the snow comes, prepare lanterns, painting work and building materials.

During the project, the volunteers will live in an old cosy Villa close to Youth Centre Villa Elba. This is a house suitable to live in during the warmer times of the year. It is a simple house with no modern comforts: there are not indoor toilets, no showers (showers are available in Villa Elba) or running water in the house, water is available from the well outside.

House is heated with the help of the fireplace and electric radiators. Therefore, it requires patience and flexibility, as volunteers must adapt to a modest living environment. On the other hand, the Villa has a beautiful environment and offers participants a unique chance to try out traditional Finnish summer cottage lifestyle.

Meals are served in Villa Elba during on arrival training, and during the rest of the project, volunteers will get lunch at Villa Elba but prepare other meals themselves.