Elf Around! vol. 8 1.11-15.12.2020

Elf Around is a volunteering team project that gathers 18 persons from around Europe to Kokkola. During the project, the volunteers help to prepare Villa Elba’s Christmas project.

Volunteers participate first in a 5 day on-arrival training, and after that they plan and prepare the elf path together with their work supervisor.

The volunteers will be introduced the history and secrets of Finnish elves and based on that the volunteers help to plan and realize an Elf path for children and families and visit service homes to visit elderly people and bring Christmas greetings to them.

Volunteers organize Elf path for local kindergartens in the forest near to Villa Elba. Villa Elba’s surroundings and the elf path are already prepared for this project by previous volunteers. In this project volunteers main task is to guide children, families and other visitors in the elf path.

Volunteers will act as an elf and do different kind of activities with the visitors around the Elf path. In Elf path children can for example learn important elf skills, like peaking from windows, elf dance, making presents etc.

We hope to find volunteers who are interested in acting and performing, and working with children even without common language. Part of the work is also cleaning and taking out the elf path after the events.

Some volunteers will be in charge of documentation of the whole project and will take part of different events, which other volunteers are organizing. Team can use the media equipment that Villa Elba has and use their own creativity for planning the methods of documentation.