Youth service of Pietarsaari is a part of city of Pietarsaaris services. We are responsibile  supporter of all youth in our town. Our aim is to support youngsters’ social skills and their growth to an independent life. Co-operation, equality, safety and education are our keywords in our activities. All of our activities we do without drugs. We speak Finnish and Swedish at our youth centre. Our main activity place is youth activity center Tupakkamakasiini. Youth centre is a place for kids and youngster aged 7-18 years. We are open on Monday afternoon only for kids aged 9-12 years. From Tuesday till Friday evening the youth centre is open for youngsters. We have different kind of structured activities and clubs for kids and youngsters. We have also much co-operation with local upper level of comprehensive schools. There works four youth leaders in the youth centre and one youth secretary as a boss. There are also two youth leaders who work in a school project with pupils who have problems for example with their studies, health, free time etc. We have also a café in the youth centre. There are two workers. There’s also a janitor in the house. Pietarsaari is a city in Ostrobothnia on coast of Baltic sea. There are nearly 20 000 inhabitants in Pietarsaari. Almost half of them has Finnish as their native language and the other half has Swedish as their native language. Distance between Pietarsaari and Helsinki is 460km. The nearest cities are Kokkola 40km and Vaasa 100km. The nearest airport is located in Kruunupyy which is 30 km from Pietarsaari. The main employments in Pietarsaari are services and industry. One of the biggest employer is UPM (paper mill). There are plenty of gardens and parks to visit. One of them is just in the middle of city, Koulupuisto (School park). It’s a botanical garden of about 800 different species of plants. It’s founded on 1932. There are also museums and other interesting historical places to see in Pietarsaari. Fäboda area is very popular free time place in the summer time. There are very good changes to exercise in Pietarsaari. There is for example ice hall, swimming hall, soccer hall, gyms and very good changes for outdoor activities. The weather can be cold and windy during the autumn and winter time. More information of Pietarsaari you can find from

Hosting 1 volunteer, start as soon as possible

Practical arrangements

The volunteer will have a rented flat with another volunteer. Sometimes she/he can live with the local family. There is an shared bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with the other volunteer. During workdays the volunteer will get one warm meal. Other meals and during weekends and vacation days the volunteer will be paid a small amount of money to arrange dining. Youth Services will help the volunteer with warm clothing during winter time. Youth Services will arrange a bike for the volunteer to use to moving around the city and also if needed, the workers offer a lift.

Profile of the volunteer

We would like receive a volunteer older than 20 years, gender doesn’t play a role. S/he should be able to work at evening time and weekends. We hope that s/he has some experience working with kids or/and youngsters. Our activities accuses ability to be an adult and consistent. All special skills (for example music, dance, art, act, sport etc.) are benefit. We hope to receive a volunteer who has his / her own life in balance so s/he would be able to help our clients because some of our target group has special needs (school-leavers, drug / alcohol problems, broken families etc.). We are open to work with any partner.


Proposed activities

The volunteer will be helping the staff at youth centre. Normal tasks are working with young people in youth club, visit in schools, taking part of young peoples free time activities and education. At the youth centre the volunteer will take part in all the daily tasks, and be there for the children and young people, help them with different things, organize happenings, events, courses etc.

In the summertime  we have day camps for kids aged 8-10 years at the local water park Fanta Sea. The aim of our youth centre is to offer children and young people a safe environment to spend their free time in and the staff have an important role when working with the clients of the youth centre. Exact tasks depends on interest of the volunteer.