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Elba has been organizing various celebrations for over 20 years. Graduations, birthdays, festivals, exhibitions, memorials, children’s theme parties and more. Nowadays, friend and family celebrations. Class meetings and stag parties have become even more popular. Accommodation can be arranged for the party guests, since Villa Elba has 6 cottages, each can accommodate 8 people. Ask for more accommodation when booking.

You may also give us suggestions for dining and other services

(The sauna menu can be used also by people who are not going to reserve the sauna)


  • Weddings are one of the most important family celebrations. Together with the wedding couple, we  care for the design and implementation of the wedding ceremony. Well planned celebrations and close contact between the wedding couple are important for the success of the celebration.
  • Our Elba hall has licensing rights
  • Elba has no licensing rights for the old Villa and Elba’s “Jewel”, so it is allowed to bring your own alcoholic drinks to these premises.

Elba Hall, wedding 950 € ,

  •  Includes arrangements and table setting, wedding banquets and property expenses, as well as cleaning before and after the celebration. In addition, presentation of the premises and meeting of the future couple at least twice
  • If the wedding is in Elba hall, three hours will be reserved for wedding arrangements on the previous night of the wedding. The hall is reserved for the wedding 8-01 or according to the agreement.
  • Wedding Menus


For more information:

Villa Elba 050 329 4547,