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Villa Elba has plenty of accommodation. During the winter, there is space for sixty people. During the summer, when more facilities are available, there will be room for around seventy people. There are two saunas, one in use throughout the year;

The cottages

The cottages were named after the ships arriving at the port of Kokkola, Anna, Amanda, Catarina, Fredrika, Mathilda and Sophia. In the comfortable cottages there is space for eight people, a lounge, TV, wireless internet, kitchenette, WC + showers. Rooms have bunk beds. In one of the cottages you can bring pets, for an extra charge of € 20.

Old Villa

The villa was initially in private use, and since the 1950s it was the main building for summer shelters. Since the 1990s it has been part of youth center activities. The villa is both charming and cozy. It is ideal for meetings and parties for smaller groups. Upstairs there are 12 beds. The downstairs area includes a kitchen, dining room, TV, Internet Access and WC.

Showers are in a separate building in the immediate vicinity of the Villa.

The villa’s terrace has a few tables and a large terrace area. During the summer months the terrace is a popular place for celebrations. The view is directly out looking the sea.



Beach cabin

Beachfront cabin is Villa Elba’s newest building, located at the beginning of the road leading to Elba. In the summer time the cottage works as an accommodation space or as a meeting place.

The space is suitable for a meeting place during the summer months. The place is good for corporate brainstorming or atmospheric evenings, even for various summer parties. The beachfront cabin can fit in around 20-30 people but can only accommodate 6 people.


Maritime Center

The Maritime Center was once used as a private beach villa. Currently the villa is mainly used as a lodging facility for future volunteer groups in Elba. It is not currently available for meeting room use.




Lassela is rented for accommodation for groups and individuals.






For more information:

Villa Elba tel. 050 329 4547 or