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Youth department of Seinäjoki

Project 2 hosting one volunteer 2.2.-31.12.2018 (Vacancy filled)

Project 1 hosting one volunteer starting from October 2018 (vacancy filled)

The City of Seinäjoki youth services provide teenagers with guided leisure-time activities, clubs, camps, trips, influence groups and online services. The activities are open for all teenagers. We have trained youth workers who are in charge of the activities. The main purpose of Youth Department of City of Seinäjoki is to organize the specified services ordered in the Youth Legislation for young people under 29 years of age. We are also supporting organisations and action groups with grants and in other ways, youth information and counselling services, as well as, multi professional and international cooperation. The Youth Department works closely with other youth work organisations, in the field of social work and education.

Proposed activities:
The Youth Services department provides hobbies and activities for young people, under the age of 29, living in Seinäjoki. Youth Services are available to young people in many ways: through the internet, organized events, youth clubhouses, schools or their own hobbies. The voice and opinions, activities and living conditions of young people are important to us.
During the EVS project, EVS volunteers can instruct games, perform, teach different things about their countries and just interact with the young people. Each volunteer service will be planned as an individual project. Activities can vary, depending on the skills and interests of the volunteers.

Project 1:
Volunteer will work at Seinäjoki Youth Department and take part in everyday activities. The volunteer will work with youth workers mainly in “Jojo”, a meeting place for young people. The volunteer will also assist in local school's cafeteria.
The volunteer will also work in different events and international projects (for example international club).

Project 2:
Volunteering at the Department of civic engagement and competitiveness offers an assistant work with events and city marketing (local / national /international level). Work is also involving with new webpages of city and it includes photographing projects. Volunteer can also organize own international events and create his / her own project with own interests and competences.

Profile of the volunteers:
Project 1: We are looking for a volunteer who is interested in working with children and youth and who wants to get to know more about youth work. The volunteer must be motivated to do international volunteer work, as well as to learn country's language and culture. Working in another country with a foreign language requires flexibility, cooperation, active participation and initiative. We would be happy to host a volunteer who shows active interest especially in creative activities. The work will be done mainly in afternoons and evenings because of youth house's opening hours. Work may also occur in day shifts or weekends.

Project 2: We are looking for a motivated volunteer to work with marketing and office work. Volunteer will be working as a team member in different teams so positive attitude, independence and flexibility will be needed. Working with marketing and photography requires creative thinking and self-expression.

Practical arrangements:
The volunteers live in a student apartment, Marttilan kortteeri. The receiving organisation takes care of the apartment's interior design, curtains, carpets and other textiles. Marttilan kortteeri has laundry room, where the volunteers can do laundry.
The receiving organisation gives money for dining directly to the volunteer, the sum is 150€/month. The volunteers can buy food at the market and bring their own food to workplace (if possible dining in workplace). In the student apartment there is a kitchen, where the volunteers can prepare meals.