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Find volunteering opportunities in Finland!

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Here you can find descriptions of Finnish projects coordinated by Villa Elba that are receiving Erasmus+ volunteers. Click on the name of a receiving organisation on the left to learn more about the organisation, the activities their project proposes, practical arrangements and the volunteer profile they are seeking. The status of the project (available/selection in process/filled) is mentioned in the beginning of each description.

Our current vacancies belong to a strategic EVS project called Maailma maaseudulle! (Bringing the world to countryside) that aims to provide children and youth in small rural communities in Finland the chance to connect to different cultures and get international experiences in their own living environment. Receiving volunteers promotes diversity as a natural part of daily life and offers tools to develop skills needed in the global world. The volunteers will help organise International Club activities to local youth giving them information and guidance in international affairs and encouraging them to take part in international opportunities.

For the current vacancies listed on this site, we can only receive volunteers from the Erasmus+ programme countries (EU countries + Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Macedonia).

Please get to know the principles of Erasmus+ volunteering and basic info about how projects work by reading the material gathered in the Erasmus+ Volunteering Activities Info Kit (link).



The Finnish National Agency for Education is hosting the national agency for the European Union’s education and youth programmes.

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