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Youth and Culture department of Perho

Hosting 1 volunteer for 11 months starting in September 2018 (Vacancy filled)

Perho is a municipality with around 2900 inhabitants, located in Central Ostrobothnia. The aim of the Youth and Culture department of Perho is to increase young people's activity and initiative by organizing youth, culture and sports activities in the municipality. The youth club in the center of Perho is a meeting place for local youth, and in addition the Youth department arranges concerts, theatre and sports events as well as nature and adventure programs in the local national park called Salamajärvi. The department also works closely with Agricultural school, where young people from all around Finland can study farming, forestry and nature.

Proposed activities:

The volunteer will take part in all kinds of activities with the youngsters of Perho. The volunteer will be working as an assistant for the youth worker in the youth center and also helping out with all the youth-, culture-, and sport activities organized by the Youth and culture department of Perho. S/he will also work in the local school with teachers helping out in intercultural happenings.

As part of the strategic EVS project "Maailma maaseudulle" ("Bringing the world to countryside") the volunteer will get to know International Club activities as a global education tool and together with the receiving organisation find ways to implement them locally.

In addition, the volunteer will assist at the agricultural school, for example taking care of horses. S/he will participate in treks and organise activities in the student house. By taking part in the everyday life of the school, the volunteer will help the students use English as a communication language. We can offer many kinds of tasks for the volunteers and they also get to utilize their own interests.

Profile of the volunteer:

We are looking for an open-minded, positive person who is interested in working with young people in different kinds of activities. The suitable volunteer is someone who enjoys outdoors activities and nature and is willing to live in a small community in the countryside. We appreciate flexibility, sense of initiative and good cooperation skills.

Practical arrangements:

The volunteer will be living either in a host family or in the agricultural school's student house with other students. In the student house s/he will share a room with other volunteers or students in a student apartment. The apartment also has a shared kitchen and bathroom. The student house is situated in the centre of Perho. The volunteer can either eat at the canteen or s/he will receive food allowance for buying food to prepare meals.