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Kokkotyö Foundation - Sewing workshop

Hosting one volunteer for 12 months (starting to be announced later)

Kokkotyö-foundation is an organisation specialized in activating persons with challenges in finding employment. It supports and trains individuals in their working skills and in coping in their everyday life. The aim is to encourage them forward into working life or studies and give them learning opportunities and work experience. The target group is adults. Kokkotyö-säätiö has 10 workshops with employed personnel working together with the trainees. The workshops offer products and services to their clients (individuals, associations and companies) and the workshops serve as a tool in training the working skills. Also all the trainees have an individual trainer helping them with different issues in their personal life.

Proposed activities:

Most work is made with sewing machines, but also crafts by hand. The workshop is coaching and activating the participants, and the methods are: Sewing, repair sewing, patterns drawing on fabric, fabric cutting, foundation's own production, recycled crafts. The volunteer's task is to support the trainees in their everyday tasks. The work can be activating both socially and activating into the actual work.

The project is also part of the strategic EVS project Maailma maaseudulle and the volunteer will participate in organising International Club activities for local people. International Club provides information about international opportunities and guides in learning about global phenomena.

Profile of the volunteer:
We are looking for a social, open-minded, motivated and active young person. The volunteer should have a sense for initiative and be able to live independently. We hope that the volunteer has a strong interest in sewing activities, experience is regarded as a benefit.

Practical arrangements:
The living arrangements for these projects can be a host family or accommodation in Youth Centre Villa Elba. Most probable accommodation will be in shared rooms and other facilities, and volunteers should understand that we cannot guarantee private rooms for anyone.

The volunteer will receive food money 125 € / month + a small lunch extra for working days. S/he will have a bike for local transport. The volunteer might live 4-5 km from the workplace and nearest shops and should be comfortable with moving around by bike.