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Lucina Hagman school, Kälviä

Hosting one volunteer 4.1.-6.6.2018 (Vacancy filled)

Hosting two volunteers for 10-11 months starting in August 2018 (vacancies filled)

Lucina Hagman School is located in Kälviä, which is a part of the town of Kokkola. The school is active in organizing different kind of events and projects (both on local and international level). We work mainly with young people aged from 13-19 years. The school is central and very important for local young people. There are many social and cultural activities organized both during and after school time in Lucina Hagman school. The school has a sport hall that is used every day in sport, culture or music activities for local people. Our area is really big and the pupils come from different parts to our school. They do not have many chances to meet after school and take part in free time activities because of the big distances and lack of public transportation, so the school is a natural meeting place for the youngsters.

Proposed activities:

The volunteer has a good chance to become familiar with life in a small rural village in Finland and get to know how the educational system works here. The volunteer will get a view of how non-formal activities are organized in the school environment.
The volunteer works together with local teachers, youth workers and young people in doing activities with them. The volunteer can for example help the youngsters arrange workshops, excursions and exhibitions and organize different events, clubs and projects for learning different languages and cultures of Europe. The volunteer will help with all the practical work as well as give new ideas for the youngsters how to work with such subjects. Besides school, the volunteer will work with young people in the youth house.

As part of the strategic EVS project called "Maailma maaseudulle!" the volunteer will get to know International Club activities as a global education tool and help organize them for local youngsters. During summer time s/he can also work in international projects and camps together with Youth Centre Villa Elba and their staff, trainees and other volunteers.

Profile of the volunteer:

The volunteer should be motivated to meet new people and work together with young people and children both at school and in the youth house. Previous working experience in working with youngsters and children is regarded as a benefit. We would like the volunteer to have basic knowledge of either English / French /German.
The volunteer will work and interact together with the youngsters and encourage them to take chance to get to know other cultures, to become more open-minded and tolerant and learn to see Europe from different perspectives. We expect 

Practical arrangements:

The volunteer will live either in a student house in Kälviä or in Youth Centre Villa Elba in Kokkola. Room, kitchen and other facilities are shared with other residents. Commuting will happen with bike (if living in Kälviä) or with bike+bus (if living in Villa Elba, Kokkola).

The volunteer gets lunch during working days, and a food allowance of 125 € / month to prepare other meals.